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More about the Doorflipper®

Why a Doorflipper®?

The Doorflipper® was developed because of the needs of the consumer. In 1998 about 12 postal items were posted per household every week by newspaper, postal and advertising services in the Netherlands. In the meantime this number has increased to about 17 items per week. In particular the number of advertising folders has increased substantially. In other countries there are similar developments. This means that you have to pick up your post from your door mat many times a week!
Research also shows that this is often done by women. And it are usually also women who can’t open the front door with their shopping bags because postal items are stuck under the door. And when you have taken a walk with the dog in rainy weather, the dog sneaks inside and leaves wet marks on the post with its wet snout! These are irritation factors that cannot be ignored!

If you experience physical restrictions when you bend, the Doorflipper® can also help you very well, because it will catch all your post every day!

For who is meant the Doorflipper®?

The Doorflipper ® is meant for the youg and old and is a tip for 2009 when you want to make a person happy with a practical present!

What does your Doorflipper® look like?

The top, front and bottom side of the Doorflipper® is always supplied in a carefully chosen colour white. However, you can decide the colour of the sides. The following colours are supplied: red, shaded black, white and dark blue. In this way you can adapt the Doorflipper® according to your own taste or according to the colours in your hall.

Is the Doorflipper® suitable for every type of door?

Yes, unless your letterbox is very low, or fitted vertically.
If the letterbox is next to the door, for example in an adjoining glass or wood panel, the Doorflipper® can also be fitted.

How large is the Doorflipper®?

The Doorflipper® is small; only about 35 x 11 x 7 cm (w x h x d.)

Can the Doorflipper® also catch heavy home shopping guides?

Yes, the Doorflipper® has a strong construction and can stand a lot.

What happens when I am on holiday?

The Doorflipper® has been designed in such a way that it just "overflows" when it is full.


On the inside of my front door I have a draught flap. Is this a problem?

The Doorflipper® takes over the task of the present draught flap or brush.


How do I attach the Doorflipper® to my door?

Attaching it is very easy: you tighten the Doorflipper® with the two supplied screws. The only tool you need is a (crosshead) screwdriver.

Can my front door still be opened?

When there is a wall inmediately behind the opened door, the special buffer stud will protect your wall and also guide the opened collection box to a more vertical position. As a result your door can be opened almost just as much as before.

Does the Doorflipper® contain any electronics?

No, the functioning of Doorflipper® is based on natural gravitation.


Will I get a guarantee on my Doorflipper®?

Yes, you always get a guarantee for two years. We obviously base this on a correct attachment to your door and normal use. If you want to refer to the guarantee arrangement, you must return the Doorflipper® to Magdale B.V. in the original packing, including your purchase data, which must be legible. Because a receipt or sales receipt may become illegible in the course of time, we always advise you to make a copy immediately after the purchase. Keep it with your original receipt or sales receipt. A guarantee note with more instructions has been included with your purchase.